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Stainless Steel Multiple-Joint Hinges
Multiple-Joint Hinges GN 7237
Covertly installed on flaps, hatches or doors, GN 7237 stainless steel multiple-joint hinges ensure protection against vandalism and ease cleaning processes while still saving space on the equipment interior. The 7-pivot mechanism allows a maximum opening angle of 180° which provides optimal accessibility to cargo hatches or maintenance doors on commercial vehicles, for example.
GN 2370 spacer plates as well as GN 2372 and GN 2376 mounting plates support the assembly and are available as accessories. More. . . 
T-Handle Ball Lock Pins
T-Handle Ball Lock Pins WN 100.1
WN 100. 1 T-handle ball lock pins have a wide range of applications in fastening and locating of workpieces and equipment. Alignment operations especially with frequent adjustments are another field of applications.
The balls will not release until the button on the ergonomically shaped T-handle is depressed. Once the button is depressed, the balls retract into the shank allowing the pin to be inserted or removed into or out of a hole. More. . . 
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